Permission areas for each widget...Why not? [Wish]

Permission areas for each widget...Why not? [Wish]

Hello there,

I wonder about the feasibility of having built-in permissions available...

Usually, besides screen access, one uses permissions for :

Listing Tables
Clicking Links
Clicking Buttons

I'm building an app where there is a permission for almost every link, so that it  may be configured as the user wishes...

I wonder if anyone has suffered from the same dilema.

Off course, one can map all the links and while developing, registering all permissions associated to them, and that should be a best practice. But even better would be if one wouldn't have to worry about registering it...

Any suggestions on this?

The only escape i can find is to have one of two solutions :

OutDocumenter catching all widgets where a permission is used

Built-In permissions for every Widget with a configurable flag on each one, saying that a permission is needed there (and that automatically a permission would be created and related to the widget).

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro