Hi all,

We're trying to get people, in a reactive web app, to login when they reach an authenticated page and then redirect them back to the page they were originally trying to get into. 

This doesn't appear to be handled in the exception and GetExceptionURL() no longer seems to exist and GetReffererURL() returns nothing.

Anybody done this and got any tips how to go about it?


Do you have a service center log?


I can provide more detail:

This is when a user tries to access a page that has a role restriction applied, and they are redirected to the login page (or page defined in OnException).

After a user has logged in, how do you go back to the original page they were trying to access, rather than redirecting to a home page?

In reactive,

Hi Adam, Russel,

The latest OutSystems UI Templates Reactive seem to already have the logic you need implemented, but it will only appear in new apps you create after updating it.

But you can always copy this pattern to your existing applications:

Storing the URL on a client variable.

Tiago Simões

Thank you Tiago for your sharing :)