Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier problem

Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier problem

Hi all.

I'm using the Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier action to get an identifier that i then use as a query parameter; when I run my app with Google Chrome I get the requested "Id" plus this "%20" string.

Is this a know problem and does anyone know of a solution (aside avoiding Chrome)?
%20 is actually a space encoded. So It could be you have a space.
not sure if you get "somename%20" or "some%20name" ?

an easy workaround is stripping it.
Hi Joost. Thanks for the reply.

I understand that "%20" stands for an encoded space. What I don't get is why it appears only in Chrome (IE and Firefox work fine; at least as I expect).

What I get is "Id%20".

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