[ReactFilePondUpload] ReactFilePondUpload | Having a Popup the page crashes when closing the PopUp
Forge component by Stuart Harris

If I have a Popup on the page, when I close the Popup the page crashes a few seconds after closes.

This only happens on the Chrome. Try it on the Edge and the page doesn't Crashes. You can check the image to see the flow and what it happens.

The strangest thing is, if I have two PoUps on the page like the following image

the page doesn't crashes.

Any sugestion??

Hi Fabio,

If this is a problem with the ReactFilePondUpload control, I will need more information.  Unfortunately, this could be a problem related to recent security changes in Chrome. The error code could help according to this page on google support.

If it is related to the ReactFilePondUpload control, in order to determine what as crashed, could you please provide the server side error including the call stack.

Also please check if there are any browser console errors and if so, provide those as well.

It looks like you are working with a modified version of the demo application. Are you able to provide the .oml?

Looking forward to helping with this issue.

Kind regards,



You can find the oml in attach. You just need to open the popup and close.

a few seconds latter or press any button it crasches.

In the service center errors nothing appears.

Here is a link to a video so you can see also the error happening.


Hi Fabio,

Thank you for the example.  I was able to reproduce the error.  Some interplay between the popup and the upload control is crashing Chrome.  This looks like an issue with the Chrome browser.  Unfortunately I do not think there's not much I can do here.

Over the next week I will have a deeper look into it to see if I can identify a workaround.

Is this issue a blocker for your current project, or were you just experimenting?

Kind regards,



not quite. I was experimenting upload files for my project and still implemented this on my current project because i found a way so it doesn't crash.

Like i have told you if i duplicate the popup and the boolean variable that controls it, it doesn't crash. you can see in the oml in attach.
it's is strange but with this i can have it working without problems but still I would like to know what is causing this.

Thanks for you help

best regards


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