I have a very, very simple mobile app to show just the last seven days of an event. Very simple indeed. On the graph I get 31 April (?), how is it possible. I took some screen shots of the event plus the corresponding data.

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Note; I attached a pdf document with the screen shots, I was not able to upload more than  one file.

Hello carl ruhle,

Could you provide an OML that reproduces the bug you report, please? 


Joana Borges

Hi Carl & Joana,

Yes, this looks like a bug and this is actually showing actual data for any date to it's previous date. 

For example if your value for 2 April is 5 then it shows this value 5 for 1st april and I think this is causing the problem when on 1 April you have some value say 10 for now then it is showing this for 31st April (which is an invalid date). Same thing happens with every 1st date of the month, it becomes last date of the previous onth without changing the month name.

This is what I found when I tried to reproduce this case.

Since Joana is from OutSystems staff I hope she would be able to help with above findings.

Joana Borges wrote:

Hello carl ruhle,

Could you provide an OML that reproduces the bug you report, please? 


Joana Borges

Hello Joana,

I found how to do that.

OML attached

Thanks for your time

I thing there must be a little bug on the line graphics. I did the experience, this time for the browser and on the March 29 I got a repetition

I do not know what to do to bypass this little problem ...

Hi.  I see the same problem.  In the line charts the totalt show for the points when mouse hovering show that total for the previous day.

Hi Carl,

You are having problems with the "date" of the chart, but your conversion to date in the chart is very funky. DATE in the "tuxjes" Entity is an Integer, but yet in the formula for the calculated "data" Attribute of the GetTuxjesByDOMAIN Aggregate you are using Substr(), which operates on Text. So although that might work, there's three silent conversions from Integer to Text to get the Substr(). I'd advise you to use the NewDate() function and use division and Mod() to get the right date part from the Integer (although I really wonder why you're storing your Date as an Integer?).

Hi All,

this is indeed a bug, see also this forum post

the workaround I give in there is to construct your own tooltip.

anyone needing this for their work, I'd suggest making a support ticket.

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