Get the input typed value at runtime in other text box at runtime


I am creating a signature widget for user. In this option user is to be allowed to type his name and he will be shown the same text in Italic as to show how the signature would look, all that while user is typing.
Attaching screenshot for reference (I just want to show in Italic). 

I want to get the value being typed in the input box at runtime with italic format in a textbox below it.
How do I do that?
Thanks in Advance.



Mobile or Web Traditional? 

In the first make use of the OnChange event. Set the value of the input widget (name) to the output widget (signature). Have some CSS to get the font style you want on the signature box. This should update the signature box when the text in the name input changes.

For Web Traditional you also need to include a Ajax Refresh in the OnChange action to force an render update of the Signature widget.


Hi Anagha,

if i understood you with your requirment.

you can do it very simple take one action for input and use it onChange.

In this action assign variable value and refresh second input or expression,

applied css on inpur or expression "font-style: italic;" .

Hope this will help you 


Rahul Sahu

Hi Rahul,

The link you gave me isn't anonymous I guess. Unable to open it.



You can download the attached OML of Rahul and install it in your own environment. Then you can look at the underlying code.

Thank You Both.
I got it. I have thought of this but then I was looking some other approach for avoiding ajax.
But this is working just good without lagging.