Populate Edit Record Fields Using OnChange Query

Populate Edit Record Fields Using OnChange Query

Hello, I managed to get a Combo Box to populate some of my Edit Record fields using buttons working fine but trying to populate a couple of other fields using OnChange is not working for me.  The web page seems to access the server when I change the Client Matter field but nothing ever shows up in the Client Name of Matter Description fields.  I even took out the query and used quoted text for the Assign values but that didn't work either.

It's the Client Matter # field on the MainFlow --> File_Edit screen.  When someone enters and client matter code I want it to populate the two fields with values from the database.

Can someone take a look and point me in the right direction?

P.S. It's a real shame that so many links to examples are broken in the forums.
Hi David,

The only thing missing is actually displaying the values on the screen, you are putting them correctly on the variables but not updating the screen widgets with them, for that you just need a little ajax refresh like this:

I would advise you not to do with the "on change" however because it will to a query for every alteration done to the input, imagine that the Id is 6 numbers long (i.e: 123456) when your user presses "1" it will do a query, then "2" another query and so on. My suggestion is that you control this with a button.

Hope it helps,
Hermínio Mira

Thanks Hermínio, yeah, after playing with it for a bit I realized that it wasn't the best way to do it.  I'm going to try to use onblur instead and if that doesn't cut it then I'll go with a button.  It's interesting that I didn't have to use the Ajax Refresh with my Combo Box and buttons. :\

Thanks again,