A teammate with access to partnet center has request a certification for me (instead use free voucher), and this has cost for my company.

When I try to cancel certification in certification page, appears this:

And when I try to cancel it, redirect to a page that requires me a 16 digits number

What number should I enter to cancel the certification request? Where I obtain that number?

Thanks for help


Hi Carlos,

Have you tried contacting OutSystems? They can help you for sure.


Hi Nuno.

I have contacted support two weaks ago, and no response until now... Is soooo slowly :-\ I was trying the forum, just in case someone had the answer...


Can someone answer for me

Hello Carlos Olías

when your teammate booked exam from you, then you could have received confirmation Email.

In that email you 16 digit confirmation number and also 4 digits of ur last name.

so please check your Inbox, search for the confirmation mail.

Thank you