Outsystems Agile platform + SQL Server 2008: After creating/configurating the "outsystems" and "OSASPState" tables, using outsystems configuration tool. ServiceCenter does not seem to be functional.
Hi Robert,

What exactly is happening?
Can you login to Service Center? Do you see any errors?

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel

Previously outsystems was using SQL Server 2005 Express, everything was working just fine. After reconfiguring the database settings using the configuration tool, and switching it over to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. ServiceCenter no longer works, the URL http://localhost/ServiceCenter is no longer functional.

(the settings under the "database" and "session" tabs in configuration tool has been properly configured, all other settings were left the same as the previous settings)

hello ?
did you run the SCInstall.bat ?
did you check if the services are running ?

best Regards
Bruno Rebelo

When visiting http://localhost/ServiceCenter the following error message is displayed

There was an error processing your request:

Invalid eSpace info provided to AppInfo : eSpace Id: 0, eSpace Name: ''

Invalid eSpace info provided to AppInfo : eSpace Id: 0, eSpace Name: ''
at OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.AppInfo..ctor(String eSpaceName, Boolean hasRuntimeLimits)
at ssServiceCenter.Global.Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Please rewrite the application URL.

Note: Have tried running SCinstaller.bat without luck
Hi Robert,

What exactly are you trying to do - you upgraded from a previous version of SQL Server already with the OutSystems platform installed to SQL Server 2008 , or are you trying to install the platform on a clean database? If you are installing on a clean database, you should in fact re-run the platform installation procedure (except for the platform installation itself). You can find the platform installation instructions in the Platform Server 5.0 - .NET Install Checklist document. Particularly, as Bruno said, you'll need to run SCInstall.bat .

Are you sure the users that are specified in the OutSystems configuration tool are also configured in the SQL 2008?
Have you pressed the Test Login and Grant Permissions buttons for all users (both on the Database and Session tabs of the OutSystems Configuration Tool)?

Do you see any errors in the Windows event viewer when you try to access the server?

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Robert

From what you mention in your post, it seems that you are moving your OutSystems installation from one SQL Server to another. OutSystems has a technical note Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone explaining what you need to move in order to keep everything working.

Particularly, you need to move the 'outsystems' database from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 (using backup-restore or detaching-attaching the files).

If you have not done so, even if you keep the configuration, the 'outsystems' database will not be present and OutSystems Agile Platform will not work.


Thanks.Everything is now working just fine.

Note: When running SCInstall.bat, make sure that its running as administrator.

Quick Instructions:
1 - Backup "outsystems" database from SQL Server 2005
2 - Restore "outsystems" database to SQL Server 2008
3 - Configure the database settings and create the "session" database using outsystems "Configuration Tool" (if there is an error with your user credentials, delete all users/logins used by outsystems and recreate the users with the configuration tool).
4 - "Start" --> "Accessories", right click command prompt, select "Run as Administrator"
5 - cd c:\Program Files\Outsystems\Platform Server
6 - SCInstall.bat
7 - updatedevicedb.exe
8 - Open "http://localhost/ServerCenter" in web browser and login as admin. (If you see a "license not found" error message, either request and install a new license or if you have already installed the license restart outsystems services "Start" --> "OutSystems" --> "Administration Tools" --> "Start Services/Stop Services").