Porting applications from platform 11 to platform 10


I want to clarify on a few things abut the different versions of ServiceStudio and Platform Server. I have been developing an application on my personal environment ServiceStudio version 11 and my platform server ( 

However, I have been asked to use version 10 instead, so that enterprise account can be used in the future. Why is that version 10 has to be used so that enterprise account can be used in the future?

According to https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/43152/platform-server-incompatible-how-to-downgrade-please-help/, in personal environment, it is impossible to revert back to platform 10. So, i tried to download servicestudio 10 however i faced the problem of incompatible versions of servicestudio and platform server. So is there anyway i can restart and just use servicestudio 10 instead to develop my applications? and if it is possible to use version 10, is it possible to port over applications from servicestudio 11 to servicestudio 10?

Personally, I think it is definitely easier to continue to use version 11, but if i were to upgrade and use the enterprise account in the future, I would also like to know what issues i might face.

Thank you so much for helping!


You are facing several issues;

  1. You can't move or copy an application made from your Personal Environment to an Enterprise Environment via any normal means. 
  2. There is no method to develop an app in OS11 and then use it on OS10
  3. OS10 support is almost over (end of this year). Make sure to plan for an upgrade to OS11.

If you are developing an application for you company you need to start developing it on the companies Enterprise Environment. Any effort made for this application in your Personal Environment is wasted. Just don't do this.