Second Web Reference causes Compilation Error

I have two Web References.
It compiles fine with just one, but if I add more I get the following error.
I suspect these Web Services contain NameSpaces that may be named the same.
How can I get Out Systems to ignore this?

Internal Error

Compilation Error.

WebObjects.mtvnCWCICustPrflWSV2.cs(42,13): error CS0101: The namespace 'ssMetavanteAPI' already contains a definition for 'WOEnumItemChoiceType'
WebObjects.CICustTaxNbrSrchWS.cs(42,13): (Location of symbol related to previous error)

State: Second stage compilation
Hi Jeff

The OML you attached in your post publishes just fine... But I also noticed it only has one web reference. Can you post the one that will not publish, so I might take a look?

Hi Jeff,

Do you still have the same problem?

Best Regards,
Renato Gonçalves