Attempting to Create or Update an Entity


I am creating a server action on a Save button but I do not get the option to CreateOrUpdateCallLog as an option.  All I have access to is what is below.

The GetCallLog from above did have the "Is Function" set to yes in my Core Module the CreateOrUpdateCallLog is set to No as seen below.

What have I overlooked?

Thank you in advance,



Hi FrankCLT,

Your CallLog entity has its property 'Expose Read Only' set to 'Yes' which protects its data from being written from a consumer module. 

You should set it to 'No' if you want to be able to write data to it from your consumer module. 

Best practice is to create CRUD wrappers around your Entity actions. 




Going back through the Web Development exercises I see the error.  Thank you very much.


You’re welcome. We’re here to help :).

Thanks again.....