onclick of Date widget it should not select current date how to do this?

If the user clicks on the date input field or date widget the current date assigned to the input field,

but it should not happen.

see without clicking the day by default current date is selected.

the requirement is like below.

if the user clicks on the date widget the calendar will be displayed after clicking the particular day in the calendar then only the date should be assigned to the input. how can we achieve this.

please help me with this.

Thanks & regards

Santhosh MS

Hi santhu MS,

Let me know which app you are using Traditional or Reactive.

Look Below image for Traditional app-

Using "Richwidget\Input_Calender"

Set True for UpdateOnclose Property

and Input Widget 

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Santhu,

If you are using OutSystemsUIWeb - DatePicker Control, It consist a 'StartEmpty' property field (required Boolean value) on setting the respective property value to False as showcased below; it will work as per your need.

Check this: Demo Screen

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

Hi Rahul 

I am using below calender. if I use "Richwidget\Input_Calender" not able to fill the min date and max date, as per the Requirement user should not enter the date greater than the current date and by default it should not select a date.


Santhu MS

Hi Benjith Sam

I am not using OutSystemsUIWeb - DatePicker, not able to see in the manage dependencies also, I am using below calender.


Santhu MS

Hi Santhu,

Sorry for the late reply.

1) You can get the reference for  OutSystemsUIWeb Module - Date Picker as mentioned below

2)  In your case you are using Richwidget\Input_Calender 

RequirementBy default the input Calendar box shows no value when the date is null.

- Set the Input Widget extended properties as mentioned below:

= True  

Refer this Forum Post:  https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/50606/null-value-for-richwidgets-input-calendar#Post187838 

Solution Credit goes to: Sir. Eduardo Jaunch 

Check this:  Sample Screen

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

Hi Benjith Sam

Sorry for the late response.

1) I have checked for OutSystemsUIWeb - DatePicker, not able to get this widget, we are using OutSystems Development version 10.0.1016.0.

2)I have added the custom property but still its not working.