[Ultimate PDF] Ultimate PDF - Demo Page differs from the one found in the latest Demo module

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Published on 14 Sep (7 days ago) by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 14 Sep (7 days ago) by Leonardo Fernandes


Just to make notice of the difference between the demo page inside the UltimatePDFReactiveSample module:

And the 'Try Now' page which is this - next to the 'Download' button:

This leads me to the question which is: the current 'PrintToPDF' server action and extension 'PrintPDF' action is always using the 'PDF using Chromium' option ?

Is the 'PDF using wkhtmltopdf' also available in the component ?



Hi Tiago. The demo and the "Try Now" are the same now.

PrintToPDF always uses Google Chrome as a rendering engine. The wkhtmltopdf link is only displayed so you can see the difference of rendering quality between them.

Thanks, Leonardo. Appreciate the answer.