Internal Error | Exception of type Outsystems.Oml.UnsupportedNewerVersion thrown

Hi All,

I just upgraded to the newer platform from When downloading and trying to 1-click publish the Reuse or Ajax tutorials, I get the error listed in the title.

I have upgraded the Service Studio and Integration Studio both to, and Platform Server

When publishing, it gives a message indicating that there is a different version on the server. I have tried both continuing with my version, or downloading the version from the server with the same results
Hi Rusty.

Welcome to the OutSystems Network.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Could you go to the Service Center Error Log and get the exact information about that specific error - i.e. the whole stack? That could help us better track down your issue. another thing that would help would be for you to send us the eSpaces or solution you're trying to publish - the ones that display the error.

Worst case scenario - and this is untried - you could try deleting the eSpace from the server before publishing the new one, but that definitely should not be necessary. Let's hope we can track down the error.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Hi Paulo,

Thanks for the reply. Before I read it I had already completed a removal and re-install of tool, that worked like a charm.  It now works fine on previous projects I had saved on my machine and also worked fine with newly downloaded versions. Not sure what I did wrong in the upgrade, but I am training again now.
Hi Rusty.

Good to hear that everything went well. Let us know if you need anything else.

Best regards, and good training.

Paulo Tavares
This Error is generated when trying to publish an eSpace/Solution that is newer than the Agile Platform Server.
For example if an eSpace is published trough Service Studio (or a Solution in a similar version) and the Agile Platform Server is in a version this error will appear, meaning the version of the server is not able to process the request because its from a more recent one.

The solution to this error is to upgrade the Platform Server higher or equal to (in this example)

In your particular case, there must have been an glitch in the upgrade process, that was corrected when you reinstalled the Agile Platform, hence the suppression of the error.

Best Regards,
Renato Gonçalves