How can i use CameraPlugin, BarcodePlugin and Betaface at the same time?

I want to use Betaface, BarcodePlugin and CameraPlugin. What should i do to use both?

When i add both to dependencies, i got this error "Duplicate elements declared in Androidmanifest". I tried to do somethings fix it like delete something or uncheck and check BarcodePlugin, the error has gone but when i use camera a got "Camera plugin isn't available". How can i fix it?


Hi Nguyen,

I have quickly tested on my side (both for MABS 5.2 and 6.1) the given setup and had no errors with the 3 plugins altogether. Perhaps you may want to share a bit more information, like the original generation error log (from SC's module native platforms tab), so the community could better help you.




Yes, you can use all three plugins at the same time, but don't forget that you have to configure the Extensibility Configurantios