Latest Newscast on OutSystems - AI-Assisted Development, COVID-19 Program

Hey everyone,

Hope the Community is keeping safe!

Despite current events, we're still here doing our best to serve the community.

I'm happy to announce that the latest newscast on OutSystems is out. You can find it here:

On this edition of the newscast we are going to talk about the progress of the AI-Assisted Development and a few cases from the COVID-19 community response program. We also check a guide that explains how to use an external MySQL database with Amazon AWS server, and as it is usual we go over the latest from the OutSystems community.

Video Timestamp Index:

  • 00:26 - OutSystems Technology - Ten Improvements to AI-Assisted Development;
  • 01:03 - Social Media - Instagram Neo Filter;
  • 01:31 - COVID-19 - Community Response Program - Quick Update
  • 01:59 - Hints/ How-Tos: Step by Step - Using MySQL External Database with Amazon AWS Server;
  • 02:20 - Hints/ How-Tos:  How to Build Smooth Animations for Web and Mobile with Low-Code;
  • 02:56 - Forge weekly picks;
  • 03:13 - Idea of the week.

OutSystems Technology - Ten Improvements to AI-Assisted Development:

Social Media - Instagram Neo Filter:

Covid19-community Response program - Quick Update:

OutSystems Hints/How to:

Outsystems Idea:

I recommend you also have a look on our channel for other relevant content:

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Nice Progress!

Thanks Pramod!

I believe we've been able to achieve an interesting format for the newscast.

Any further feedback will help us improve further.



One honest feedback , if you increase the newscast time and also slow down the delivery speed a bit. i already saw good improvement in delivery but still room to improvement.



 Nice Tiago,

Thanks for sharing useful information.


Rahul Sahu