How come the EmployeeId in the Person entity reference the EmployByTheCompany entity, Name arbitrary instead of the EmployByTheCompany entity, Id artibrary. It suspose to be a secondary key

reference the employee of the company. How to make it reference the Id arbitrary 


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I couldn't understand this question. You are referring to entities in Recruitment_anf, but sending the Recruitment module. So I assume your question on Name instead of Id is because the screen was smart and replaced the Id for the name of the person. Is that it?

Regarding the code:

I simply renamed the EmployByTheCompany entity to Employee and it made sense to me.

-Employee has company information.

-Person has personal information and can be Employee or Candidate. (note that EmployeeId can't be mandatory or all Person would be in Employee, and interviews would only be made to Employees, not to Candidates).

-Now, your PersonToInterviewPeople entity is the headache. PersonWhoisInterviewing is an Employee. Candidates is a Person that is not Employee. And then you have again ids for Interviewer and Candidates. That is too much of the same. More useful would be:

  • Who Interviews;
  • Who is interviewed;
  • When is that interview.;
  • What was the opinion on the candidate.

Don't you think?

Hi Theow,

I would suggest first update your database structure properly.
There are many issue in your database stricture like, foreign key in in some child tables.