[Custom Input Masks] Issue with accepting date format.
Forge component by Sara Gonçalves

Dear community!

I have a small issue I think could have an easy fix, just don't know how to get to it at this point.

So I want the below date to be accepted as a "Date" format, since I need to sort on date later on. It will only accept this screen when post as "Text" in the entity attribute. However, this does not allow for proper sorting on date (i.e. most recent etc.). 

Is there any way in which I can use the Date format and this format of date in which it will accept?

Please let me know if my query is not clear enough. It goes without saying that I used to OSMDb app as a sample to show my issue that is work related.

Could not find a similar fix to this issue on the community, if there is please let me know.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Kind regards



Hi Boyan,

To use DateFormat the variable of the input needs to be text. Than on the action that saves the data on the database you need to convert from text to date. For that you can use the extension shared by João Rosado in this post.

Btw this section is for when you are using this specific component which is not the case. If you post in the forum section is more probable to get an answer.



The variable you are using is of type Date, I'm assuming you made the validation of the button to the server to be able to pass the client validation but when you get on the server the form is invalid and you cant save

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