How to change a record status in Mobile App

Hi All,

I want to know how to update a record status from New to Approved on Mobile App.

Actually,  a user will insert business data with status set to new , and the manager will query the data later and either accept or reject the new business.

My question is how to up update the record status from new to approved.

Thank you.


Hi Waheed Khan,

Did you complete the web or mobile Bootcamp? This type of question is easy to answer if you follow this link and make the course: mobile:


Hi Waheed,

Assuming Status is Static Entity with records New, Approve & Reject.

Bind your ApproveButton/RejectButton to a action and have a input parameter in it of type Status Identifier and can update the status of current record by using update<entity> action and refresh the data.

Hope this helps you!!


Hi Waheed,

As mentioned by Carlos, in order to get a good understanding of the OutSystems tool, it is highly recommended to follow/learn from the OutSystems online Development Courses.

Adding to what Lakshmi framed out as a solution, I just want to  some pictorial view of how your action flow will look like...

You will have to call the above defined server action in the Screen client action flow which will get triggered on a submit button click.

Note: The above example is just an illustration (please change the assignment/code as per your requirement)

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam