No form widgets in Aggregate available when using Reactive Web

Hi all,

For example I would like to avoid duplication of a specific field. Normally in traditional web I use an aggregate with a filter that checks if the inputfield value already exists in the database. Later I set a condition if Form.empty then CreateRecord. 

But in Reactive im not able to filter within an aggregate on widgets so im just wondering how should I check if a specific value already exists?


which widget are you trying to use? what is the context you are trying to filter? are you in a List screen and trying to filter the detail screen?

Check the OML, it has an example of list and detail screen filtering with input parameter 


if I understand your question, you want to check if a certain data on your form has already been added to the database, right? 

You can, and I think you should, check this information in your server action to create or update your entity. And put an output parameter indicating if everything was right in the creation. Maybe even put a specific output for this condition, in order to explain to the user the reason for the error. 

Then in your client action, check if the item was created and if the variable you created returned indicating that everything was ok. 

If not, set the error on the form and send the message to the user. I hope it was clear, if not later I can make an example for you.

Best regards.

you can Also use and server action to filter as Eduardo suggested: