Add users to activity by editable table

Hi All! 

I am developing a solution for which I can create activities. These activities can have people added to them (Many to many relationship) and each person can have a different role (organisation,catering etc). When I create a new activity I also would like to add all the people and their role to the activity immediately. For this I have created a pop up screen with some input fields. 

In the core module I have created a PeopleActivityRole mapping table in which I can link the Person to the activity and assign a role.

What I already did (and got working) is 2 input field with the name and location of the activity. Next I created a combo box with all the people that are available. Once saved the activity will be created and the person will be added to the activity. But this way I can only add one, so I want to do this with an editable table. When I create this somehow I see all the people in the table while creating a new activity (I should see none of course.) I think it has something to do with the fact that my editable table has my personActivityMappingByActivityID as Source Record but I can seem to figure out how to set it properly... 

Since the editable table also needs an on save event, I don't think my other save is very usefull right now. Should I maybe store the editable table entries in some variable or someting? 



Hi Max, 

Would you be able to share the oml or some screenshots of what you are doing?

Hi Max,

Look at the attached oml. I hope it is what you need.