Is there any way to stop the systems from prompting the date

I am doing a search of that date for a database . If I don't want to do the search, it should prompt a word

"Please enter the date" and then wait for people to type the date. But it kept prompting a standard date. Is there a way to stop it from prompting the date?

Hi Theow,

As an input prompt value, it will be much more helpful, if you highlight the expected input date format along with the prompt message. 

Refer the below mentioned implementation to achieve the required implementation - using a simple JS code as mentioned below.

Note: For re-usability point of view, I defined the JS script (using expression widget) within the WebBlock adding an input parameter which will get me the Input Element ID.

JS Code Snippet

    document.getElementById('" + EncodeJavaScript(InputId) + "').value='';

Note: Define the JS web block after the input control as mentioned in the above Widget tree hierarchy.

Hope this helps you.


Benjith Sam