[Microsoft Login Connector] Doesn't remain logged in

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Published on 19 May (2 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado
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Published on 19 May (2 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado


I am using the Microsoft Login Connector for connecting for Azure AD. 

Everything on the azure side is configured and i get redirected to the callback page. The issue i'm facing is that the user is still not logged in. As test i created a page where i get aggregate users with GetUserId() function in the prepration. I receive the correct information but i'm still not logged in.

Anyone have the same experience or know what i did wrong? I followed the instructions guide.

Thnx in advance! 

Hi Jorick,

Do you have any error logging in Service Center?



Hi Jorick,

What happens when you simply create a homescreen with anonymous disabled. Can you open this screen after you login? 

If not, 

  • Do you see any errors and can you screenshot and post these? 

If so, 

  • Dhat do you see in the userinfo box in (probably) the upper right corner?
  • What happens when you add an Expression to that page and use the following statement for that expression: GetUserId(). What is the value of this expression?

Small update;

I created a new application from scratch and here i am able to login with Azure AD. So i think the login/module is corrupt where it doesn't handle the login properly. Maybe anyone has an idea of what could be the issue? Servicecenter doesn't register an error. 


Fixed. Copied a fresh common ui flow to the module and it is working now.