Getting Error During Update Operation

Getting Error During Update Operation

Hey gang, I'm getting the following error and can't figure out what it's trying to tell me.

OSUSR_fc9_AttyFilesOS with key 0 was not updated

I'm trying to merge 3 fields from an Excel file into my database. I have another eSpace that uses this function (that I created from the Working with Excel files tutorial) that works fine. I cloned that one to build this app but I get this error. I have even changed it to use the data that was imported into an Entity in the other eSpace and get the same error.

It's the ManageData --> File_Import --> MergeCMdata Screen Action

I'm perplexed,

Hi David,

Usually the error "<table-name> with key 0 was not updated" means that you're trying to update a database with a record that has a key equals to 0 (NULL identifier).

I gave a quick view on your application and it looks like the problem is that you have at least a ClientMaster with no AttyFilesOS record associated. In these cases you probable want to use the Entity Action ''CreateOrUpdateAttyFilesOS' that creates the record in the database case it does not exists, or updates it if the record already exists in the database.

João Portela

Oh wow, what a dork I am.  Of course I'm going to get an error since there's more Client/Matter data than there are corresponding records in the OffSite database.  I need a redirect if the Query doesn't return a record.

Thanks for the illumination João,