Internal Error : Service Studio timeout verifying (Components/Module)

My development environment is upgraded to new version.

So I need to republish some component with solutions menu on Service Center.

But I have a problem during republish module, I got some error as below 

Kindly need your help guys :)

Thank You


If you have upgrading the dev env then maje sure the forge components you where using are compatible with the new one..or upgrade the components n then try...

Fransiscus, has this been sorted, if so what have you done?
Is this occurring in a specific environment (ie. Dev, UAT, Prod or Lifetime)?
Also I take it this is an self hosted environment (ie. not using OutSystems Cloud).

I am having a similar issue.

Hi Fransiscus Fransiscus

You need to update the version of the Development Environment to update the Service Studi version. You can download it from here.

André Pinho in your case if you are upgrading the Lifetime environment, you also need to update Development Environment (Even if this is not in the checklist)