Hi All,

Is there a way to pass those selected options in listbox to aggregate to filter the output records? 

e.g. passing multiple selected movie IDs to the aggregate.

Attached is the listbox used.

Hi ZQ,

There is not. Though an equivalent of SQL "IN" has long been on the community's wish list, there currently is no way to do this, other than this workaround, which has performance downsides (as indexes can't be used, so it uses a full table scan).

Hi ZQ,

Kilian is right.

You may go for an advanced query to support your table instead of an aggregate. You may do so, if you are not in mobile/reactive client actions:

How to Convert an Aggregate to a SQL Element

If so you may use an in clause, where you can build a safe in clause list based on your dropdown multiselect results, and using it to filter your query:

Dynamically building a "WHERE ... IN (...)" clause

NOTE: remember to only select  attributes and records to show on table , as you are by-passing platform aggregate's performance optimization when you replace it by an advanced query.