RedirectToURL behaviour in PWA and Android App

I am working on an mobile app which has payment gateway integration. For this payment integration I have to redirect user to payment gateway site and after completing the payment user will be redirected back to my app.

I have check it with RedirectToURL option but it has different behaviour in android app and a PWA (I have not checked it in iOS).

I like the way it works in PWA because it show the URL in more standard way (looks like chrome custom tabs). But in android app it show complete without any app identity etc.

I know I can also use in app browser plugin but its UI doesn't look good also it has no app branding or identity in display.

So is there any way I can option any URL in chrome custom tabs like it does in PWA?

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Hi Nikhil,

I believe for Native Apps you'd need to use the InAppBrowser plugin (or maybe this Safari View And Custom Chrome Tab plugin) to achieve a somewhat similar behaviour.

Hope this helps!

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InAppBrowser doesn't look professional especially for customer facing apps but I will surly try safari view and chrome tab. This looks like more suitabe for my need but didn't noticed it on forge :)