Dropdown search data fetch


I'm trying to implement on a PWA a client search with the dropdown search component but I'm struggling to make it properly scale to deal with thousands of items.

The problem is that, from what I've understood, the component fetches all info from the server side on initilization and then the search is done client side on that set. So limiting the aggregate is not an option.

I also tried to limit the search to be done only with at least 3 characters but I ran into the same problem  - the aggregate is fetched in the beginning and not on the search itself.

Am I missing something to accomplish this use case?

I have built an alternative with an input and a listitems, with the onchange fetching the data from server but the user experience is bad since it is obviously missing the usual keyboard usage (getting down to the list and selecting the item).

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello Pedro,

For the uses case when we have a table with many records wich can slow loading,the component AutoComplete is normally used, the componente realize requests to the server to search for elements and you can use a maxRecords for limiting the search and go more fast.

Check this link, and see how to implement an autocomplete experience in outsystems.



Hi James,

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