Reading the HTTP Body

Reading the HTTP Body

Is there an extension that you can use to read the HTTP body and phase the content into a variable?

When the following page is loaded
It displays the following plaintext in the html body.


How do you have outsystem load and read the plaintext item1=abc&item2=xyz and assign the value into a variable.

Hi Robert,

Extension HTTPRequestHandler (packed with the Enterprise Manager solution) has some actions asGetRequestContent, GetRequestFiles, GetRequest_AddArgument, etc. Are these enhouth?

João Portela
GetRequestContent would get content  from an external page,


I think GetRequestContent will retrun the content of the current request.

If you want to get the body of "other" request, can't you use RichMail.HttpGet() to get the entire response and strip the body part?

João Portela
I don't understand what you trying to achieve?

Is it possible to place it in a named div?

The content you are reading looks like url-parameters, so why is it in the body?

@João thanks that works!

@Joost it needs to be done this way, to follow the specification provided.