I am dong an excel to record list. I don't know whether the algorthium or implementation of the excel to record list is correct. But I get this error. What this error means


Hello Theow Meng Ang,

I believe your issue is in DatesFilesFromEXcelToScreen in the ExcelToRecordList1.  If you look at the properties for the ExcelToRecordList, you are passing the filename as the sheet name, where the sheet name should actually be the name of the sheet, or tab, within Excel (e.g. Sheet1).  Without seeing the actual Excel file you are using though, it is hard to confirm.


Its just a normal excel far. All the data are in sheet 1. Normally how you specified it on the Sheet Name. Attach is my excel files

Hi Theow,

There is no problem with your uploaded excel sheet, the thing which you are missing over here is - You have to pass the Excel Worksheet Name as the ExcelToRecordList 'Sheet Name' Field value not the Excel FileName

1) Case 1 - If  all the uploaded excel file is following the same Worksheet name - In that case you can pass a hard coded value as the ExcelToRecordList 'Sheet Name' Field value

2) Case 2 - If the WorkSheet name possibly varies in all the uploaded excel file - In that case you can use the Advance Excel Extension Worksheet_GetName Server Action to get the WorkSheet name for the excel file.

PFA - Includes the updated .oml solution file

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

How come it only add Donald. Does the ExcelToRecordList only take in one candidates from the excel at one time and we have to implement a foreach loop

Hello Theow,

The ExcelToRecordList returns back a list of records, and you are able to access the first one by referencing the current list item.  To loop through the rest of them, you can either use a For Each against the result, or if you are displaying on the screen then you can use a TableRecords or ListRecords in the UI to show them all.