How comes my image cannot chnage to the image I upload

I do a upload of the image and then save it to the database. Can you check for me whether the upload algorthium is correct? If it is correct, why doesn't it display doesn't change to the image I upload?

You are using the Upload2 and assigning the contents from Upload1

Oops.. Upload1 is for image and Upload2 is for file.

EDIT: I see issue with the submit method.

Hi Theow,

Please can you explain me on which event you want to change and display image. If you taking about Re Image widget then in all the action which you have created I didn't see any Ajax refresh for refreshing image widget. Try to use ajax refresh may be it will solve your problem if not then ping with all details. I assume you are doing very small mistake.


Rajat Agrawal

You are using "Ajax Refresh" in "SavePhotoToFile" server action. Change the method of ImageSave to "AjaxSubmit" to avoid ignoring the screen action.