I am trying to implement a script to autocomplete an address search. I am not quite quite sure where the script needs to be included in order for it to run when the user begins to complete the input field.

The script is from https://addressfinder.com.au/docs/getting_started/ and the input id that I have is AddressSearchInp.

I have used the docs to generate the required script and then tried including the script within the onRender and onReady screen actions, also making it a required script for the page and the application. Is this something that should be included using a html element within the screen itself?

Understand this may be a simple question, I have managed to implement it for applications built outside of OutSystems but I am trying to pull together a quick sample application within the platform and this has me stumped.


Hi Tom,

You can add the script at multiple level depend upon your requirement.

1. You can add it at module level.

2. you can add it on page level.

3. you can add it at header or footer.

4. you can add you javascript in webblock and you can use that block where ever it is required.

I will recommend the 4th approach to you.

Happy coding.


Manish Jawla