How to use an event from another module for Launch On Property in a Process

Hi team,

I was trying to create a Business Process for an already created reactive web application. This application has two modules, one core(all entities)  and another UI . Now when I try to create a Business process in UI module I am not able to find the CRUD operations of entites in "Launch on" property of the process, as I am getting the entites in UI module by managing the dependency.

Here is the screenshot fo the entity:

And the screenshot of the events available on clicking "Launch On" in UI module:

Can anyone please provide any suggesstion regarding te same.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rekha,

You can create BPT in Core module instead of UI module.

It will be better and follow 4 Layer.

Also You can to check the "Expose Process Events" option for the Entity (Double click on entity and Advance Tab)


Rahul Sahu


Hi Rekha,

You have to check the Expose Process Events option for the Product Entity.

- This option is avilable in the Entity Editor Window (Double click the respective Entity to open the Editor window)

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam