NextStep 2010 - Want to present your work at the Agile event of the year?

NextStep 2010 - Want to present your work at the Agile event of the year?

Hi all!

As you may know, we are in full stride preparing this year's NextStep event, the global event for all things OutSystems-related, which will take place April 15th-16th in Portugal. Of course, when we say everything OutSystems-related, we are obviously mentioning you, who help making the OutSystems community the place to be for learning, growing and sharing experiences about OutSystems.

As such, building on the success of our NextStep 2009 conference, which was attended by over 350 OutSystems Agile practitioners, this year's conference promises to offer more insight and advice on how to deliver new applications using the Agile Platform. For that to happen, since you are the ones who are working with OutSystems everyday and having the most hands-on knowledge of how does OutSystems improve your work, we invite you to submit your ideas for a presentation at the event!

There will be two "tracks" with sessions, during the event. They are:

1. Improving Project Predictability: Hear how our customers, partners and OutSystems consultants are using innovative techniques to deliver new applications on time and in budget!

2. Agile Platform Techniques: Learn new techniques using the Agile Platform. From adding business processes and enterprise workflows to delivering high value rich internet applications you will get to learn from Agile Platform experts the latest development techniques.

All track sessions will occur on Day 2 of the conference. Each speaker should prepare for a 30 minute speaking slot. If you have had experience with OutSystems in large scale factories, cloud computing, overcoming architectural challenges, extending existing systems' functionalities, or something you feel everyone would benefit from, then you're the one we want to hear from!

If you feel up to the challenge, take the opportunity to engage the OutSystems community and to hear and experience first-hand all the latest things about OutSystems. We urge you to submit your ideas for a presentation at the event here. Don't wait too long, though - there are limited slots available, and the deadline is just around the corner.

If you don't feel like presenting, however, but do want to join us at the event, we gladly welcome you - just go here and register for the event.

NextStep 2010

Looking forward to hearing from you. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Paulo Tavares