[CSVUtil] How do you use LoadCSV2RecordList correctly ?

Hi there,

I'm new to outsystems development and I have a problem with the usage of the 'CSVUtilExtension'.

I tried to follow the same logic design as in the demo but as a result I can't even get any data to show in the TableRecord.

I removed some elements that I found where not going to used on the action.

My csv file uses ";" as a FieldDelimiter.

Exemple :



When I try to use my csv on the demo, it adds all the information of one line in the first attribute of the entity.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to make a loop like a bootstrap action where it uses the Createwrapper?

I am really out of clue how to properly use this extension :(



Your code looks like a copy from the example application LoadCSV action.

This one only loads the result in a List record local parameter that is then displayed in the TableRecords widget.

If you want to write the data to an entity, you have to loop through the records of the List in which the CSC2RecordList adds the records and call the Create<entity> action one by one.