What up Community!

I have been struggling a bit with implementing a multilanguage with the Multilingual Component from Forge in Reactive.

Well, the problem I don't think it's the component itself. I'm saving the language chosen by the user in a dropdown in a cookie, so next time he accesses the app it will read the cookie and figure out the prefered language.

I am reading the cookie and doing a SetLocale in the OnApplicationReady.

I had this weird behaviour where the language seems to be set correctly, but for the first accessed screen it just uses the default one. This means that if I go to the next screen, the correct language is shown then.

I added some logs to every step of the initial flow of the app (Donate is the home screen in the app) and this is what I got:

Does this mean that the screen is rendered before the OnApplicationReady finishes? Is there a way to make sure it is only Initialized after it?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Miguel,

Rather than on OnApplicationReady to SetLocale we used OnInitialize on login screen.

We also have dropdown of language selection as login screen so we have use LanguageDropdown change client action and there SetLocale from the selected value of dropdown and then redirected to again on login screen.

Hi Salman Ansari,

Thanks for your reply, but if you check the image I posted, when the Donate screen is Initialized there still isn't a Locale available. The log there shows the output of a GetLocale client action in each step. So I don't think that would work for our case. =/

And, what shows to the user the next time he accesses your app? Where do you store the language selection?

Hi Miguel,

I have done as below.This is working fine to me as well.