Passing (Identifier List) to a Popup

I am develop Tranditional Web.  

My problem => I want to filter a aggregate on popupScreen by IdList from WebScreen

  I got 2 pages WebScreen and popup , WebScreen have a (Identifier List) than can be choose to add from popup.  ***but still not save just add to a list and it will only save if you click submit button on WebScreen. After you add it to a list, a data which you add will disappear on PopupScreen. So I don't know how to pass a List to a popup for filter. pls guide me.

I got 2 solution to fix it but I think It's not good to use this

1. Create DummyEntities to hold a list on webscreen

2. Create an input parameter with List type on PopupScreen and retrieve it from button than link to this popup.

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Hi Kittisak,

on selection of list record, you can change their status like selected or draft or ready to save, then you don't need to pass any parameter to pop up and your pop will have only those records with different status.

Hope this works.


Manish Jawla