maybe somebody has some insights.

Since recently we are working with OutSystems 11 (on premesis).

We have lifetime installed on another server. Using lifetime we've created our developer-users, which are synced to service center on development.

No we can login into ServiceStudio (!!!) using these users, to develop.

But now our users are disconnected from the dev-environment very often, while developing.

So they have to connect again before they can publish their changes.
Very annoying !

Is there any way to set this 'expiration-time' to survive any longer?
On OutSystems 10 we never had this problem......

Best regards,

Jeroen Vormer

Hello Jeroen,

I have not seen this problem with on-premise installations (or cloud), except for times that I'm on a VPN and the VPN disconnects.  Your issue might warrant a support ticket, if there are no obvious network issues that are causing it.

Hi Craig,

no VPN issue.

In the integration-log of service center I see several "Server_Identity.RequestAccessToken" request which are all OK, except from those which result in disconnection of serviceStudio.
The request is always the same, but those in error return "{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"Invalid username or password."}"

Note to this its used over a multi domain network with an AD forest trust. with a lifetime integration.... 

Hi, did you solve the problem? We are experiencing the same mistake.

No, we are still waiting for Outsystems to get backt us.. takes them weeks now :(