[Microsoft Login Connector Reactive] The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply

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Published on 19 May (2 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado
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Published on 19 May (2 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado

I am not sure what I am missing here. I have followed the instruction as best I can and even included both reply URI's with MS and Microsoft in the Callback string.

I have set-up the Management App and made sure all the dependencies are double-checked.

Can anyone give me a tip I how I can see just exactly which URL is coming back in the request so I can make sure I don't have some issue with the Specification of my eSpace or anything else which is used in the construction of the URLs.

Cheers Darryl

Hi Darryl,

Can you send a print when you call the action?

Do you try to redirect to other Module?

Best Regards

Diogo Coelho

This is how I have it all configured using a series of screen shots.

Initially I had issues with client_id not working and realised that the eSpace I had assigned in the Central Management App was wrong, once corrected the request to Azure AD works fine, however it seems the return URL is getting mangled somewhere along the line. I have followed the logic flow and everything seems in order. I have look for other versions of the Callback URL still being in existence and can't find anything except variables that all make sense.

Cheers Darryl

I am sorted now, took two more re-publishes and it is working now, just have to work out how to dynamically add user to Role in Outsystems now. I have it added to the manifest in the Azure AD application. So a little more troubleshooting required :-)

I have the Authentication working now and just have one small challenge left to solve and that is leveraging the Role which I have created.

My Azure AD App has the role in the Manifest along with the GUID of the Outsystems Role ID. I have the user I am in logging in with to the Role in Azure AD.

However when I get the application I only get the default screen after login which doesn't have an Outsystems Role assigned to it. When I try to navigate to one of the screens I have protected with a role in my App, I get access denied error.

I can't work out what I need to do to enable the use of Azure and Outsystems roles on logging into my application, this is the last thing I need to do before pushing my app to production so any help would be appreciated.

Cheers Darryl

Hi Darryl,

Any change you could publish your (decoded) JWT here? You may anonymize it. You can decode the token here: https://jwt.ms/

Kind regards,

Vincent Koning

Hey Vincent,

One of my team helped solve the issue for now though we aren't sure if it is the right approach. Essentially the addition of two things in the Connector Core has it all working now. Those two elements are as follows:

Hi Daryll,

Good to see you have a solution. Can you attach your OML here so I can take a look at it and add it to the current solution?

Kind regards,