Hi there,

I have experienced some problems when i try to test my queries. Most of times, when i try to test my queries, i receive the following error:

"The Data Model of you eSpace is inconsistent with the database.
Entity "entity" definition is not consistent with the database. Please use 1-Click Publish before testing the query."

I've already fixed all the inconsistent errors, when i publish my work i don't receive any alert of inconsistent errors and i still can't test my queries! I even compare the entities in service studio directly with the entities in database and there is no difference!

Any suggestion?
Hi Pedro,

what is your Service Studio and Service Center Version?
Hi Ricardo.

The Service Studio version is and the Service Center version is

Pedro Domingues

Try using the SQL Map eSpace this can change the entities in the Advanced query to physical table names, so you can test your query directly on the database.

This also helps when you use statements not supported in the query editor of Service Studio (like common table expressions),

Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter
Hi Pedro

That error you are getting denotes that either you or someone working with you have made changes to entity "entity" since the last time you published the eSpace, and therefore the eSpace you are currently editing has a different definition for "entity" than the one that is currently in the server.

If you are the only person manipulating that entity, there could be a problem with the mechanism to detect changes in the entity, but other than that the message is expected. If you do get that message and, immediately after you publish the eSpace containing the definition for entity, test query still fails, then you probably have spotted a bug there.

Hi there Matthias Preuter.

Thanks for your answer, i will try that.

Hi there Acácio.

I'm not the only person who's working on this project. Certainly i've spotted a bug here because i've already published several times and i still get the error message. The only way to test my queries is to put a breakpoint and run the eSpace.

Pedro Domingues
Hi Pedro

Can you post the eSpace and indicate what query it is where you get the problem? Or if you would like, try submitting the eSpace to support@outsystems.com so that you can get official assistance from OutSystems Support.


Maybe i'll submit the eSpace to OutSystems support. There's a lot of queries that don't work due to inconsistency.

Thanks anyway.