How to filter or get the first or particular person in records for subsequent action

Hi All,

The scenario comes like this: Simon has picked up a request. Then the request is forwarded to Jason to pick up for processing as only Jason can process further than Simon. But, the request is required to be closed by Simon eventually after Jason has processed it because Simon is the one who FIRST pick up the request. 

The concern is, how can I capture, get or validate Jason from the request log that contains the records that show Simon and Jason have picked up the request throughout the process? The purpose is that I want to get the user id of the person that pick up the request FIRST in order to make it only the person FIRST pick up the request can close the request.


Hi ZQ,

If the request has a unique Id (which it should), and the request log contains a "pick up date/time" (which it should), you can just query all request logs for that request Id, sort it on the pick up date/time (ascending), and limit the Max Records to 1. Then you'll have the one first picking it up.