Subscribing to changes in a table

Just learning around the REST API's in Outsystems, specifically I have an API exposed which when called, will add a record to a table.

Two questions:

1) Once I receive a response I add it to the database, is it possible to do a live refresh of a table while I'm viewing the webscreen? I'm thinking something like a client action which subscribes to changes in an entity within the database, once it detects a change, it updates the table

2) Does anyone have any samples of Azure functions which call an Outsystems Exposed API?

Key question is number 1, I'm sure I can work out number 2 form other sources, but figured I'd ask here just in case.

Hi Steve,

I think what you need is websocket. I never implemented it in OutSystems but studied about it.

Check below course and forge component, these will be helpfull for point no 1.

These web sockets are client which you can implement in your apps & for push service (which will push from service side) you can use any service like pusher, firebase, AWS SNS, Azure Notification hub etc