Service Studio Tips and Tricks

Service Studio Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple of neat tricks of Service Studio:

Service Studio Tips & Tricks #1

Expression Editor improvements in 5.0

Service Studio Tips & Tricks #2

3 cool drag & drop behaviors, 2 of them new in 5.0.2

I'll be posting some more in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

Gustavo Guerra

Service Studio Tips & Tricks #3
The fastest way to create an edit or show screen
This Tips & Tricks site is great!
I've subscribed to it to be updated with new Tips & Tricks.

I'm hoping more programming algorithms / structures / tricks / best practices will get posted here.
The visual examples really makes it come to life.

My compliments; keep up the good work!
Very Cool indeed!
Service Studio Tips & Tricks #4
An easy way to get space between two elements in a flow when inserting a third one in the middle
Agile Platform Tips & Tricks #6
How to call Screen Actions from custom JavaScript events
Nice tips Gustavo 

I've subscribed.

Agile Platform Tips & Tricks #7
How to change the page styles dynamically at runtime
I've updated the DynamicStyleSheet.oml attached in the previous post to also override the colors in the popups.

Gustavo Guerra

Cool tips!
Be sure to also check out the keyboard shortcuts you can use.

Tiago Simões