How to upgrade the platform version


I am currently using a development environment version 11.7.3, and had just finalized to configure SAML  authentication to the Users application (and it works fine). I was surprised to see that my other apps, that are Reactive Web Apps, still use the native authentication (and not the new SAML authentication), but just saw a note saying that Reactive Web Apps support SAML only for platform 11.8.0. Gasp.

How can I upgrade my development environment to 11.8.0 or above?



Hi Jean-Paul,

Personal Environments are automatically upgraded to the latest version. When Platform version 11.8.0 is available you can schedule the upgrade.

According to this post, this version is currently released for OutSystems cloud. I haven’t checked whether it was also released for PEs.

Hope this helps.



Thanks again Nordin for a swift and relevant reply. I am hoping that PEs will be upgraded to 11.8.0 soon!




Again, you’re welcome!

I have just checked my PE. We have to be a little bit more patient since it’s not yet available.