Execute a Search automatically on Form Entry

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Need help once again....

I have 2 forms A and B, when a user clicks on a designated column on a row in form A I have that Linked to form B, I then pass that value to the Search field on form B.   Is it possible to open form B with the search function executing upon opening?  I would like for form B to retrieve only those records for the given value passed.

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HI FrankCLT,

what i understood you want search from A and based on A value you need to bind form B.

Below URL will help you -




Rahul Sahu

Thank you for the speedy reply, and please forgive me.....but I'm not seeing the similarities in your examples to what I'm attempting to accomplish.

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Can you provide some image or screenshot waht you want actually.


Rahul Sahu

Here you go.....

Hi FrankCLT,

I have attached oml for you which you want .

also you can modify or add action accordingly.

Here is link for test 

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu


Thank you for assisting me....Your sample appears considerably different than mine.  I have added some additional screen shots to the word document.  

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I think I have figured it out.....I put a "Widget_Click" on the SearchId in the Preparation of form B or the Call Log form.

Nice to see you find it :-)

Thank you very much.....