Buttongroup based on entity (reactive)

Is it possible to make a button group that has a number of button group items, based on records in an entity?

I can't seem to be able to put a list inside a button group. So right now the only option is to hard-code the button group items? That would be very unfortunate.


Hi Tim,

I’m afraid you are right. You cannot create a bunch of button group items based on a list.

Next to hard-coding the button group items, you could create a variable of type StaticEntityId for the button group and reference the static entity records in each button group item with Entities.StaticEntity.StaticEntityRecord.

Also, check out this Forge component. I haven’t used it but it seems to be able to do what you’re looking for.




Nordin, thank you for your quick feedback. I was afraid this would not be possible.

Thanks for the forge link, I didn't think about checking for something on the Forge yet.