Extension not getting refreshed

Whenever I open any module, all the extension shows for a refresh sign and even i did the refresh, it still shows to refresh next time i open any module.

Is anything wrong in this?


Can you please give the Platform Version and Service Studio versions?

This should only happen if there are active developments on all those extensions which I would say it's not happening. When you refresh the extensions do you publish the consumer module or do you refresh it and open it again without publishing?

I am seeing this same behavior. All the extensions show as needing to be refreshed and refresh all does nothing. I have tried 'Refresh All' and then opening the manage dependencies window again as well as 'Refresh All > Publish > manage dependencies. With either case, they still all show as needing to be refreshed.

Platform Version 11.0.614.0

SS Version 11.7.2 Build 15539

Hi all,

I can confirm this is a problem in the latest versions of Service Studio. OutSystems is aware of this, and should fix it soon.