Using Service Actions in Server Actions


Hope you are all doing well during these strange times!

I have recently updated/converted a lot of my Data layer/Producer Modules to Service Modules. I also thought it would be a good idea to convert most of the actions in these modules to Service Actions. 

This decision was taken as there has been a bit of an issue with scalability, where small updates/changes to these Data layer/Producer modules would then result in having to republish all consumer modules. 

As a result of moving these Actions to Service Actions I have lost the "Function" ability of Server actions.

For Example, I have a module "Data_People" which has a entity, Employee. Employee has a FK reference to User. 

My End user application used a Service Action "GetEmployeeByUserId" from Data_People which returned the Employee Id from User Id input. Since this is now a Service Action I can no longer use it as a function. 

I had a thought that I could create a Server Action in my Consumer which would utilise the Service action from the producer: 

And this would allow me to still use it as a function and be called inline, while still keeping the "weak" dependency? Is this appropriate use of the Service Action?

I have read through https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Reuse_and_Refactor/Use_Services_to_Expose_Functionality#Exposing_Service_Actions 

But still not sure I am using Service Actions over Server Actions correctly. Should CreateorUpdate Wrappers be Service Actions?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Chris,

if you are using createorupdate wrapper in service module then i think its not be a problem.

we also done in one app very similer way and used wrapper inplace of direct createoruodate used.we acheived thay way security as well to make our entity readonly true