Slow connection

Hi all,

I'm having trouble connecting to environments. When I access an enterprise cloud environment or my personal environment my connection times out and I get the error bellow:

Access to Lifetime and Service Center are also really slow for both enterprise and personal.

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my internet connection since all my other applications seem just fine, and I haven't had any issues with slow connection while accessing web pages.
I'm using the service studio version 11.7.2 and the platform server version for the enterprise could server I'm accessing is the 11.8.0, whilst my personal is on the Version 11.7.3.



Hi Constanca Branco,

You can get the Service Studio configurations setting under Edit > Preferences option

Increase the Timeout Duration and try it once.

1) Check the Firewall/Antivirus block list

2) Uninstall the Service studio tool

3) Install the Latest stable version of Service Studio tool

4) Restart the machine

5) Try to connect the environment using some other Machine

If none of the above mentioned steps resolve your problem, you can open a support case at

Hope this helps you


Benjith Sam


its most probably due to the slow internet connection. Once i faced the same problem connecting to outsystems server. Outsystem needs a smooth and fast internet connection.
and you can also check the proxy settings and turn the proxy server off. 

Let me know if it works.


I am facing exactly same issue since yesterday. I fail to understand if the issue is on my network (as all websites works very smoothly, even Netflix or Amazon) or on Outsystems servers.

even opening the solution via browser is very slow... all other website works fine

this is why I wonder somethig on Outsystems

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